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Information to our clients and business partners

 Due to the Covid-19 situation and the regulations in this regard stipulated by the Danish government, we must, of course, also adjust and address the problem.

Therefore, all personal meetings shall be cancelled. However, we can easily communicate over the phone or by Skype or e-mail.

If a personal meeting has already been set up in the upcoming period, we shall contact you in order to set up a new meeting later on or look into the possibility to have a phone- or Skype meeting instead.

Since all courts are also closed, all court meetings in the near future are also cancelled. If this affects you and your case, you will of course hear from us. This also applies to other meetings with other public authorities.

Fortunately, none of our colleagues at the office have been infected. Of course, we shall do everything in our power, by following the instructions from the authorities, to prevent or delay contamination, and for this reason, we mostly work from home.

Our reception is open for telephone calls Mondays-Fridays from 10am-15pm.